Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS)

These are the system, which contains more than one Energy Systems at the same time to store Energy. Many Combinations Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Chemical Energy Storage Systems, Mechanical Energy storage systems, Compressed Air Storage Systems, Fuel Cells Systems and more can be used to from combination of systems (more than one, frequently two systems at a time) to get a systems that is resilient against power outages and can be utilized efficiently in some systems like Hybrid Electric Cars.
Electric Energy storage in BESS in form Chemical Energy and Non-renewable Energy conversion from Fossil Fuels like Petrol can be used to from system that might be some regenerative braking to charge the batteries thus utilizing that energy that would otherwise be lost. Also extra mileage can be achieved when gasoline tank goes empty and there is no gas station nearby. This battery storage can be used as extra back-up when some applications are to be utilized, even supplying energy to grid (preferably at hours when electricity prices are high due to greater demand on the grid).
In developing countries or countries like Pakistan, there have been Hybrid systems of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and the Petrol engine. CNG kits were installed in the vehicles with petrol engines to give extra mileage at reduced prices. There have been huge demand of it and in certain instances, the available resources were insufficient to meet such big demands of CNGs, which resulted in shutting down of Stations at various days and other hurdles like huge queues of vehicles waiting at the station for the Gas to be filled in.


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