Machine Design

There are lots of considerations in designing some machines (motor, generator) and so on and their Number of Poles, winding slots, and other factors are taken into account. Number of phases is also a consideration. Motors/Generators are designed for various purposes, some are used for specific Electric Vehicles (EVs) propulsion while some find usage specific to their area of application. Efficiency is always a big factor in EVs and if it can be increased it can result in greater mileage of EVs and in turn usefulness of that EVs can be extended. Designing good machines for general purpose or for some good application like Electric Vehicles Propulsion is always a consideration for those countries that are in the mass-usage of these vehicles. Greater torques and acceleration can also be a big point when designing such vehicles that come in Luxury or Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) category. We might make you some motor/generator design license that can help you increase your EVs range or you be able to make good application of that designed motor/generator.


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