Electric Cars and their future in Pakistan

The world is moving towards electric vehicles (EVs) and there is a sharp rise of Electric Vehicles in the market with the brands like Tesla (American), Faraday (Chinese), Audi, BMW (Germany has German), and so on, all vying to share a market share (and profits, too). We want to ascertain is there any potential of indigenously developed Electric Vehicles for local population. The range anxieties have been overcome by current brands (some giving  ~500km on a single charge, or they claim so), are we in this industry? Is our National Grid is stable enough to have ample generation capacity to provide charging to the parked EVs in garages, superchargers (they call so to the rapid charging station of EVs), and parking lots of the offices etc.? Are our Nuclear Power Plants providing enough power to the users with low running-cost for them to be able to afford and charge an EV?


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