Hardware Development Platforms…

Today we will talk about different hardware development kits that are available. These include

  1. Intel Edison
  2. Arduino
  3. Raspberry Pi
  4. and so on.

Arduino and Rasbperry Pi are common platforms for hardware developments and it can be used for for novel applications (like drones making) when used with some interfacing with the hardware and the software. There are some extensions boards available for it and some sensors and some hardware in form of sensors or some secondary boards can be added for some added functionality.

There are various interfaces on various boards for various purposes. There are some input and output ports for some input sensing and enabling output in different forms, from driving some type of motor, to the controlling of gyros of some drones etc. These are low cost versions of the Personal computer, with the flexibility of extending its hardware to make it more practical in some form of computing application.


Arduino - in its normal shape
Arduino – in its normal shape

There are various parts of this mini-computer (low-cost).

  1. There is a Voltage regulator at the center of this board (facing to the left of this pic).
  2. There are two capacitors at right-below it and the at the right side of it there is a (zener) diode (for voltage regulation).
  3. There is Microcontroller besides that zener diode. Although some people call this entire board a microcontroller.
  4. There is a 5V Power supply pin.
  5. There is a also a serial cable.
  6. Some lights can be seen there and there is a Capacitor in silver color. There is a sort of pushbutton in dark color (grey-black). Five resistors are arranged in order (that is the PCB in which some designs optimizations are carried out and this feature of arranging these is a must for this).
  7. There are some input terminals and there are some output terminals for the intended purposes.
  8. Some light blinking are also feature of it or we can add to this board when making it (getting it made) or attach it via some input or output port. Input and/or output port must have some voltage, current ratings and it must be gone through while handling such device (some delicate too).

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