How to do soldering

There are some things required for the effective and efficient soldering to take place. This includes

  • Soldering Iron – a device that has heating coil to get it heated and the lead or other metals gets molten on it along with flux
  • Flux – this is used with the soldering metal to make it weather resistant. Soldering done while mixing it with the flux is weather resistant and more durable.
  • Solder wire: Different solder wire are available. Some particular contains Dia of 0.7mm, 100gm in weight, with Flux of 2.0% (a small amount of flux).
  • Stand (optional): Some stand for putting soldering iron, so that it doesn’t do damage and easily available for repeated soldering.

Solder wire is melted onto the soldering iron with the flux so that it may be able to get durable and weather resistant solders.


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