Printed Circuit Board (PCB) making

These different things are required to for PCB

  • FeCl_3 (Ferric Chloride). A substance of brown in color in dry form, melts in heat, soluble in water.
  • Copper PCB (A PCB plate that has all over it copper placed so that when it is dipped with marks of the PCB on it, it etches the entire PCB except printed marks, in this way a printed pattern is obtained).
  • A tub to contain solution of FeCl_3 in the solution format. It is recommended that container must be of plastic nature so that metal is not etched by the FeCl_3 solution.
  • PCB footprint printed on the plastic (transparency). Then that footprint is placed on the copper PCB and ironing is done on it in optimum way so that that ink is transferred to the PCB. Proper ink transfer is necessary to make it good (or better) for ideal printing.
  • Permanent marker can also be used to trace the path of the conduction (conducting) path on copper PCB board so that it doesn’t etched way while dipped in the FeCl_3 solution.
  • If the surface area of the container is larger then it would be used for the increased etching due to that area accelerating that etching process.
  • After the metal has been melted into the solution the PCB board can be removed from the tub and the ink (or marker lines, if any) can be removed by washing that PCB board with the petrol. In this way that ink is carried away (washed) with the ink soluble petrol.
  • That PCB board with conducting path gets prepared. Now, the drilling of holes for the electrical, electronics devices can be carried out by proper drilling machine which has proper stand with it, support and the based to put the PCB board. or somehow common drilling machine can be adapted for the this by having smaller drill bits and putting it in the chuck to make electrical, electronics devices holes.

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