Computer Systems Designs (Micro and Mega Levels)

Price: The Price is paid upfront at the start of the project after depositing the amount @ 63$/hr to the recipient via or to get consultancy for the quotes (of the possible expenditure on the Project) and then depositing the amount as told on the Price and Payments page. The Price of Static Projects and Hourly Projects are shown in the Price and Payments Page.

There are Computer Systems Designs which might translate to Super Computer. There might be issues of Chips Sourcing and the possible obstacles of Commercial and regulations, Trade embargo and so on.

  • These computer systems are often gauged in FLOPS (Floating Point Operations Per Second) So the greater the FLOPS (often measured in Mega Flops, Giga FLOPS, and has lot of resources to spent to Peta FLOPS.)
  • There might be some issues in the design of the Chips from some vendors and some possible vendor restrictions might also come into Play.
  • There might be some Silicon Processing Issues for Local Chip Manufacturing.
    • How to get sand to the Chips with million or billions of On/Off switches (Transistors) and make these reliable enough that those doesn’t get burned out in some Compute Intensive or Harsh environments such as Space Applications or even Missile Applications.
    • Mass Scaling and there might be some things that might come into play of Economies of Scale which won’t come into play until and unless manufacturing is done at the higher level, which might include even exports to other countries whether restricted or unrestricted.
  • Quality Assurance Issues of the tiny systems such as System on Chips (SoCs), Network on Chips (NoCs), and other issues.
  • Reliability of the system Some Guarantees are to be made so that the Manufactured things meets some reliability things.
  • Guarantees: Some Guarantees might be given to the clients getting these things manufactured depending upon their guarantees of the money given to make these things (happen).
  • Currently America and China (or China and America) are the ones having most computers in Most Powerful Computers chart of the world (Supercomputers) and yours might be the one that might be included in that list.