Downright projects are also undertaken from consultancy services or you provide the Schematic or Circuit Diagram, System Requirements Straight Away and we can go to the Projects phase in areas of

  • Power/Energy Generation/Conversion
  • Smart Grid
  • Industry Application of Electrical and Electronic Processes and its practice
  • Electronics (micro-, nano-electronics including), and
  • Computer Systems including Computer Software.
  • PCB Making (either the schematic and circuit diagram is supplied in this way project phase gets started or Consultancy in designing the Circuit and making its Schematic on Computer via CAD phase is undertaken and the charges are preferably first given to me to my hand or deposited with the method outlined at the home page.
  • If you want Intellectual Property (IP) Rights to be transferred to you, you will have to pay the 24000 times more fee of the initial Consultancy, and all other stages including manufacturing etc., fee paid to us.