Electrical Engineering – Products or Projects for Considerations

Solar Micro-inverter – Product or Project for consideration

There is a requirement of a product (if it’s available in it’s finished & complete form). You can be paid up to 50,000 PKR and/or more if you provide this micro-inverter either in pre-made form or design and/or build it. Specifications sheet is being attached.


A PDF client that allows annotations via tagging

Can you make this product? If you has already made this product, you might need to transfer all (in fact transfer) all Intellectual Property (IP) Rights to the new owner (the payer). If yes, I may share these details with you and I may 25,000 PKR upfront and/or more even money share. The details are as under. a-pdf-client-that-allows-for-tagging-via-annotations

Discrete Operational Amplifier

I might pay you 5k PKR (5,000 Pakistan Rupees) and/or more if you show me the operational video of it showing that it is performing the intended functions with the following specifications.