This field consists of from discrete electronics to the nanostuctures.

  • Analog Electronics: This form has its own place in electronics industry.
  • Digital Electronics: Things are getting digital due to ease in the signal processing, storage, retrieval, transmission, and being less costly.

Based on the miniaturization of the things in this sector.

  1. Discrete Electronics: This form of electronics might seem bulkier at first and these are the first phase of the electronics when ICs were not that prevalent and system had to be integrated from discrete components.
  2. Microelectronics: This form of technology is currenly prevalent with the objective of miniaturizing the things current widespread electonics from ICs to communications, computing, and networking equipment are examples of it.
  3. Nanoelectronics: This is the area in which research is being carried out and based on those first firststage products are being demonstrated in various ways.