Price: Project Price taken at the start of the Project, You can tell your project specifications (or give circuit schematic) via the Contact Page or ask email address through which you can give the same and ask the Price quote for that particular project as each project is different. If you want Intellectual Property Rights too, you can pay 24000 times the original fee as specified on the Payment page so that Intellectual Property Rights might be given to you.  Hourly: 63$/hr

Intellectual Property Rights: If you want Intellectual Property (IP) Rights to be transferred to you, you will have to pay the 24000 times more fee of the initial Consultancy, and all other stages including manufacturing etc., fee paid to us.That is we don’t transfer Intellectual Property Rights to the person but if that person transfers the 24000 times amount of the initial consultancy fee or the project price Intellectual Property Rights gets transferred to that one person.