Power Generation/Conversion

There are several method of Power Generation some of these are renewable while other are non-renewable.

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BANK NAME: Bank Of America
ACCOUNT #: 00003507623671023
ABA # (Bank Routing Number): 061000052
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  1. Renewable Energy Resources: There resoureces that gets renew and not exhaustable (that easily)
    1. Solar Power Generation: Capturing the solar rays to make electrons flow across PN Junction to casue potential difference and harnessing these potential differences to make direct current at a specified quantity. Some of the these systems has 24V while other have 48V. It also depends upon the design of the system.
    2. Wind Energy Conversion: These require large Wind Turbines and the systems that can cope with the fluctating nature of the Wind resources and can generate reasonable amount of stable power with considerations of the frequency and power output of the Wind Turbine.
    3. Wave Energy Conversion: Waves of the Large water body e.g., Oceans harnessed to product electricity in some frequency range and having some measures to stabilize that frequency and power to make it usable for oridnary equipment rated at rating of the area.
    4. Hydro Power Generation: This renewable form of energy can be used to run turbine and hence generator to produce when the flow is high or water is directed to low height from some height to have its speed reasonable to drive turbine and thus produce electricity. Some measurements can be taken to increase or decrease the flow of water and hence regulate the output power of the generator.
  2. Non-renewable Energy Resources:
    1. Thermal Power Generation
    2. Diesel/Petroleum Power Generation

Knowledge giving: 63$/hr or you can tell the amount