1. Web Applications are made with the Content Management System (CMS) (Price: 299$): Features
    1. It will be based on the latest version of the Content Management System WordPress with some of the Development which is agile or not and some of the Troubleshooting will be done, if needed.
    2. Minimum functionality will be working website with the reasonable amount of content provided by the who wants to get that site built by paying the price (above mentioned amount) in a way that is mentioned in the ‘Payment’ page of this website.
    3. and custom Web Applications are also made but it’s price will at least 5 times of the this 299$ of a typical application. That makes 5×299$ =1495$ (minimum)
    4.  Custom Desktop Applications might also be made if you desire the the sub-contractor involvement. The price will be calculated with features desired in the software and the availability of the resources allocated for this. Preferably license will be given to you based on the timeframe and the number of users in it.
    5. If you want Intellectual Property (IP) Rights to be transferred to you, you will have to pay the 24000 times more fee of the initial Consultancy, and all other stages including manufacturing etc., fee paid to us.